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Advanced Graphite Materials Italy s.r.l.

Via Forno Allione n. 2, 25040 Malonno (BS)
Telefon +39 0364 630131
Fax +39 0364 630390


THERMPROCESS 2019 Hallenplan (Halle 9): Stand C16


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Andrew Wild

Global Sales Director

+1 815 715 3528


Antonio Froio

Senior Sales Manager



Matthias Heinemann

Regional Sales Manager

+49 160 90 77 87 35


Stéphane Marsollier

Regional Sales Manager

+49.151.4616 3915


Victor Leight

Applications Engineering Manager



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Unser Angebot


  • 03  Bauelemente und Ausrüstungen sowie Betriebs- und Hilfsstoffe
  • 03.02  Beheizen
  • 03.02.13  Graphit und Kohleformteile

Unsere Produkte

Produktkategorie: Graphit und Kohleformteile

GRAFSTAR Advanced Graphite

GRAFSTAR™ advanced graphite is an ideal choice for customers across multiple industries with demanding applications requiring high strength, low thermal expansion, and superior conductivity. For over 130 years, AGM has been continuously redefining limits with ongoing testing, grade formulation, machining, and purification to develop innovative graphite material solutions for customers in over 65 countries.
AGM sets the industry standard in graphite, machining diameters up to 73” and larger jointed diameters upon request. We provide the expertise and solutions to keep you ahead of the competition – recommending design changes to reduce machining costs and handling any CAD/Cam system in use, eliminating barriers in language and measurement systems.
Current grade offering:
Extruded: CBY, CS, CSX
Pressure-moulded: PGW, PGX
Isostatically pressed: XTC, XTJ

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Produktkategorie: Graphit und Kohleformteile

GRAFSHIELD Industrial Heat Management Solutions

GRAFSHIELD™ industrial heat management solutions manage radiant, conductive and convective heat transfer with compact, lightweight and durable insulation components. They are specially designed to help customers improve their performance and profitability by reducing their energy and maintenance costs. AGM’s product uniformity and consistent high quality ensure our customers are always getting the absolute best insulation material to meet their needs.
Current grade offering:

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Produktkategorie: Graphit und Kohleformteile

GRAFPOWER Graphite Powder

Current product grade offering:

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Über uns


Creating, Innovating and Manufacturing for over 130 Years.

Committed to providing the most effective solutions in carbon and graphite to our customers to meet their most challenging needs.

AGM’s advanced materials and broad-based solutions, developed for iron, steel and metals production, solar, nuclear, oil & gas, defense, aerospace and many others, position the company and its customers to continue to grow and evolve well into the future.

Based on its more than 130 year history of creating, innovating and manufacturing material science based solutions for a wide variety of applications, Advanced Graphite Materials proudly welcomes the challenges of the present and future.

Advanced Graphite Materials is a world leader in graphite material science with more than 130 years of experience in the carbon and graphite industry.

The company’s history goes back to supplying arc carbons to the City of Cleveland, Ohio in the late 1800s, allowing the city to become the first in the world with electric street lamps. Advanced Graphite Materials has continued to innovate ever since.

Our product portfolio includes extruded, molded or isomolded carbon and graphite materials, carbon or graphite insulation, carbon or graphite foam and carbon or graphite powders. We manufacture them in the U.S. and sell to customers in industries such as metal production, electronics, chemicals, aerospace and transportation.

Advanced Graphite Materials is committed to providing the most effective solutions in carbon and graphite to our customers to meet their most challenging needs.


Exportanteil > 75%
Anzahl der Beschäftigten 100-499
Gründungsjahr 1886
Geschäftsfelder Bauelemente und Ausrüstungen sowie Betriebs- und Hilfsstoffe