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Fioscope GmbH

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THERMPROCESS 2019 Hallenplan (Halle 10): Stand E52


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  • 03  Bauelemente und Ausrüstungen sowie Betriebs- und Hilfsstoffe
  • 03.07  Steuern, Regeln und Automatisieren
  • 03.07.07  Prozessoptimierung
  • 03  Bauelemente und Ausrüstungen sowie Betriebs- und Hilfsstoffe
  • 03.07  Steuern, Regeln und Automatisieren
  • 03.07.09  Sonstige Steuer- und Regeleinrichtungen

Sonstige Steuer- und Regeleinrichtungen

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Produktkategorie: Prozessoptimierung, Sonstige Steuer- und Regeleinrichtungen


State detection from visual feedback of furnace operations
Our machine learning applications are capable of identifying and measuring objects in high temperature environments, predicting and interpreting current and future process states. We recognize threatening production states early – before they become a problem.

Our technology combines professional high-resolution image acquisition with the latest digital processing technologies for accurate identification of process parameters. We use neural networks and classical image processing algorithms such as segmentation, color analysis & optical pattern recognition for extracting objects of interest.

Following up on your data privacy privileges, we offer secure data storage in local company networks or using cloud-based services.

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Produktkategorie: Prozessoptimierung, Sonstige Steuer- und Regeleinrichtungen

High Temperature Camera System

Fluid free HD Video Streaming for up to 1300°C (2400°F)

Our fluid-free, patented Fioscope camera system - made in Germany - provides you with the possibility to check processes in your furnace chamber at any time and any place. Experience images in true HD resolution – at temperatures up to 1300°C (2400°F) and with a shock and vibration resistant design. (Also available with water cooling system for temperatures up to 1600°C/2900°F.)

The modular design consists of a camera, exchangeable lenses and special filters. The view opening of the probes and the lenses are kept dust-free by oil-free flush air or shielding gas. For the use in aggressive or corrosive environments, several cooling jackets in special alloy & coating variants are available.

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Intelligent cameras and machine learning for furnaces 

We are a global pioneer in digital image processing in harsh environments, machine learning and flexible process control adaptations. Our fluid free high temperature cameras detect different states and patterns inside furnaces and other hot areas. Gathered information is used as input to process control systems. By using advanced information technology, we enable remote surveillance, event forecasting and predictive maintenance with non-contact measurement and at temperatures up to 1300°C (2400°F). With an adaptive system we can cover a wide range of possible applications, including optical flow control, velocity vector field or batch detection.

By transforming conventional melting processes into precisely automated and safe applications, we deliver complete road maps for your Industry 4.0 schedules.


As a spin-off from Franke Industrieofen-Service GmbH, we have a deep understanding of thermal processes and possible areas for automation.  We offer flexible adaptations to process control systems and evaluation of process data. By using machine learning and artificial intelligence, we provide solutions for process improvements such as:
  • Individual design and adaptation of image processing solutions
  • Analysis and evaluation of melting process data with advanced machine learning concepts
  • Provision of interface modules to fully integrate and adapt to existing process control systems
  • Support in equipping and coordinating camera and sensor installation worldwide
  • Advice on integration of operating data in measures to improve product quality, flow rates, process stability and safety.
Our customers belong to various industries such as non-ferrous metals, semiconductors, ceramics and glass.