Daussan S.A.S.

P.O. Box CS60720, 57147 Woippy Cedex
29-33, route de Rombas, 57140 Woippy Cedex
Telefon +33 3 87325280
Fax +33 3 87320303


METEC 2019 Hallenplan (Halle 5): Stand B31


METEC 2019 Geländeplan: Halle 5

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  • 05  Anlagen und Einrichtungen zum Vergießen von Stahl
  • 05.01  Blockgießen


  • 05  Anlagen und Einrichtungen zum Vergießen von Stahl
  • 05.02  Stranggießen


  • 13  Sonstige Ausrüstungen und Komponenten für Hütten- und Walzwerke
  • 13.06  Wärmedämm- und feuerfeste Baustoffe

Wärmedämm- und feuerfeste Baustoffe

Über uns


DAUSSAN has been founded in 1936. DAUSSAN is today a leading supplier of international steel industry. Thanks to its international position and to skilled technical and commercial engineers, DAUSSAN provides today services solutions and high performance products as: vibrated or moulding refractory castables, gunning concretes, ramming mixes, MgO-based monolithic linings, pre-shaped accessories (flux consumables), insulating or purifying powders, magnesia and silica tundish boards, hot top boards, exothermic and insulation sleeves for Foundries. Our products are used for iron making, secondary refining, continuous casting, ingot casting. We offer tailor-made solutions technologically, industrially and economically adapted to the needs of our customers.

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