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Produktkategorie: Datenverarbeitung und Software, Datenverarbeitung, Hard- und Software, Beratung, Planung, Dienstleistungen, Engineering, Berechnungs- und Simulationssoftware

PSImetals Planning - Software for Planning & Scheduling

Companies in the metal producing industries are facing increasing customer requirements in terms of product diversity, delivery capability, on-time delivery and constant quality whilst cost pressure continues to increase. Further, market conditions are characterized by increased variability, volatility and complexity, which require from metals supply chains more agility than ever. Meeting today’s demand and market requirements is becoming an increasing challenge for planners.

Through its KPI-driven and integrative approach, PSImetals Planning software allows optimizing plans and schedules based on dynamic business objectives, covering the whole lifecycle from sales to production order to the finished product over all process stages in metal production. Its high degree of automation with tried-and-tested algorithms ensures that complex planning tasks can be mastered in real time. This makes planning activities very transparent whilst providing information straight to the point. Thanks to the integrated planning process quick responsiveness from shopfloor-level to the superior sales level can be ensured at all times. Embedded management of tuning profiles, advanced reporting and scenarios benchmarking, further support decision makers in finding the best balance between conflicting goals.

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Produktkategorie: Leittechnik und Automation, Datenverarbeitung und Software, Datenverarbeitung, Hard- und Software, Berechnungs- und Simulationssoftware

PSImetals Production - Intelligent Software for Dimensioning Production

The production process in metals is driven by a cumulative complexity. Therefore real time tracking with integrated operational quality processes becomes substantial for metal producers. The main task of PSImetals Production software is to adhere to process specifications in conjunction with additional set points and requirements related to the different process stages and production units. PSImetals Production supports process management for coke making, blast furnaces, steel- making plants (liquid phase), for smelter, refinery and caster in aluminum and copper plants as well as for production of final intermediate products with batch. Material tracking for single pieces or lots is also provided. Other main features are up-to-date quality management and feedback processing from production. The use of PSImetals Production software means significantly improved process efficiency, higher yield and cost savings thanks to:

  • Standardization and automation of production processes
  • Integrated planning and execution processes
  • Increase of process efficiency yield by vertical integration of business processes as well as horizontal integration of production processes
  • Ongoing documentation of gained know-how

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Produktkategorie: Leittechnik und Automation, Datenverarbeitung und Software, Datenverarbeitung, Hard- und Software, Berechnungs- und Simulationssoftware, Beratung, Planung, Dienstleistungen, Engineering

PSImetals Quality - Quality Is Not an Act, It Is a Habit

Quality is a critical topic in metal production and has replaced throughput as the primary goal in today‘s business operations. Aristotle once said, “Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” It determines the success or failure of any business. Therefore it becomes imperative for any organization to focus on quality not only for products but also for processes. Being
a complex field, metal production requires different areas to be considered to improve product and process quality.
PSImetals Quality software includes many functions to support and improve different quality aspects of production, like feedstock quality, constant quality during the ongoing processes, routine material handling or correct execution of the individual process steps.
With our state-of-the art tool all quality data and processes can be continuously captured, controlled and adapted, enabling online evaluation of current and future situations and ensuring constant, reliable material quality throughout the entire production process.

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Produktkategorie: Leittechnik und Automation, Datenverarbeitung und Software, Datenverarbeitung, Hard- und Software, Berechnungs- und Simulationssoftware, Beratung, Planung, Dienstleistungen, Engineering

PSImetals Logistics - Software to Optimize Warehouse and Transport Management Between Lines and Plants

Be it slabs, tubes, heavy plates, billets, coils or other products - the PSImetals Logistics software optimizes product stocks, supports the improved utilization of existing warehouse capacities, optimizes all internal transports at both ends of production facilities, and makes decisions for the optimum use of the means of transport available in each case. Therefore costs can be reduced and the throughput can be increased by an optimized warehouse and transport management between lines and plants.

The following areas are covered:

Transport management Yard management Shipping planning and execution Material location tracking   The whole spectrum of warehouse and transport management processes - whether they are manually processed or fully automated - can be operated by our state-of-the-art software solution.

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Produktkategorie: Leittechnik und Automation, Datenverarbeitung und Software, Datenverarbeitung, Hard- und Software, Berechnungs- und Simulationssoftware, Beratung, Planung, Dienstleistungen, Engineering

PSImetals Energy - Energy Efficiency as a Basis for Competitiveness

Metal producers are large energy consumers. Many of them produce gas as a by-product of their metallurgical processes. In many parts of the world energy costs account for a substantial share of production costs and selling produced energy at the right moment may generate additional revenue.
PSI‘s energy management system incorporates an energy consumption forecasting function as well as a power demand control that considers all production phases of a metallurgical
production. It supports activities designed to ensure adhe-rence to the maximum consumption limits as agreed to in the relevant energy supply contracts.
The energy demand forecast is used to minimize both the financial risk of exceeding the consumption limit and the costs of externally supplied energy. It enables companies to effectively track and control energy consumption processes, so that the cost transparency of energy consumption can be significantly improved.
PSImetals Energy software offers the possibility to use the market chances in different areas like production, renewable energy, energy trading, etc.

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On the road to the future. Together.

Back in 1969 PSI started the digitalization of the steel and aluminium industry by using computers
for process control in steel production. Over the years we became the world’s leader in production
management solutions for metals producers – based on our strong and mature product: PSImetals.
To support customers‘ business processes in a state-of-the art way using cutting-edge technology,
we continuously work hard on our software platform.

Join us on our journey into the future of production management!
Next stop is at Metec 2019, June 25-29 in Düsseldorf.

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Über uns


PSI is the leading partner for digital production in the metals industry combining SCM, APS and MES within one software platform – PSImetals. Our software solutions enable producers of aluminium and steel products to ensure their competitive edge by delivering products as agreed in quantity, quality and time whilst considering inventory, productivity and performance targets.

As market leader PSI claims technology leadership as well. Therefore PSImetals FutureLab investigates and develops the solutions of tomorrow taking into consideration
  • latest developments around Industry 4.0
  • a collaborative approach with customers, partners and experts
  • leading edge IT technology based on PSI Java Framework.
Combining 50 years of experience in implementing production management software with innovativeness, PSI supports numerous metals producers around the globe in achieving their competitive edge.

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