Yujin Nonferrous Metal Co., Ltd.

Yujin Nonferrous Metal Company, Republic Korea, Automobile Supercharger&Oil pump Production

◆ Global leading Company
Yujin Nonferrous Metal Company is a small giants that produces superchargers and oil pump covers for automobile. Supercharger is a device that improves the efficiency of fuel by increasing the specific fuel consupmtion, and it also supplies to domestic HYUNDAI and KIA MOTORES group as well as overseas automobiles such as AUDI and JAGUAR. 

Sales increased by more than 30% from KRW 28.5 billion in 2013 to KRW 38.4 billion last year. In particular, exports accounted for KRW 24.1 billion last year, earning more than 70% of total sales overseas. Also, Employees increased more than two times over two years, contributing greatly to job creation.