MINTEQ International GmbH

MINTEQ Sure-CalTM injection system

Minteq´s technology for its Pferrocal® solid core calcium wire provides steel makers with superior inclusion modification control and optimal calcium addition performance. This technology combined with our new developed MINTEQ Sure-CalTM injection system, reliably provides our customers with improved quality in steel, productivity and long term value. Pferrocal® calcium wire offers numerous important advantages over powder-filled wire, such as:

·        Virtual elimination of wire break issues
·        Superior and more consistent calcium recovery
·        Lower-cost calcium treatment per ton of steel produced
·        Increased shelf life over competitive products
·        Improved yield on semi-finished and finished steel products

Our new Sure-Cal Process based on our new designed Compact Lance UnitTM (CLU) and Minteq´s disposal tip technology offers Calcium treatments at lowest possible costs and high efficiency. Our CLU technology can be installed with smallest footprint at limited space within the refining process area.