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Foseco at GIFA 2019 - Preview Press Releases

Foseco showcases 14 new technologies at GIFA 2019

Due to its strong commitment to Research and Development and by working closely together with customers in developing new applications and solutions, Foseco will be showcasing 14 new product and equipment technologies at GIFA 2019.

In feeding systems, Foseco will feature the new, patented range of FEEDEX K spot feeders for ductile iron castings, SCK modular feeders for spot feeding of large jobbing iron and steel castings, and FEEDEX NF1, the first exothermic feeders for aluminium casting.

The highlight in filtration is the new HOLLOTEX Shroud application for large, high value steel castings.  The system, which combines the proven benefits of steel filtration with a novel shrouding system to protect the metal stream from the air, offers unparalleled levels of inclusion removal and reoxidation reduction, resulting in significant improvements in casting quality and reduced rework.

In the coatings area, the latest developments in automotive coatings offering the highest levels of internal casting cavity cleanliness will be featured alongside ACTICOTE coatings for compacted graphite castings and the Intelligent Coating Unit coating control system that ensure consistent coating application time after time, reducing coating related scrap and coating consumption and improving productivity in the core room.

In the iron and steel melt shop, Foseco will feature the newly developed Ferrolab V thermal analysis system for iron foundries.  Easy to install and simple to run, the system delivers real savings from reduce scrap and increased casting quality.  A new range of VISO multi-life nozzles for steel ladles will be displayed together with the recently launched TRIAD Z range of no cement castables for iron and steel applications and a new generation of multi-life KALTEK cold-start insulating ladle linings.

Finally, for aluminium foundries, Foseco will be promoting the latest generation of SMARTT Melt Treatment Stations and Degassing units that deliver enhanced hydrogen level control, superior inclusion removal and optimised grain refining; DYCOTE SAFEGUARD coatings that can increase die coating life by up to 300% offering significant improvements in productivity and casting quality; and new crucibles with a THERMACOAT external coating layer offering enhanced insulation and reduced power consumption in induction furnace applications.

In addition to the large number of new technologies on show, Foseco will also highlight novel applications of existing products through the use of case studies, MAGMA simulations and casting exhibits.