Saint-Gobain IndustrieKeramik Rödental GmbH


It is know-how and experience resulting from over 100 years development and production of refractory products that makes the difference. Saint-Gobain supplies a unique range of top quality linings which, supported by fi rst-class technical expertise, ensure the optimum operation of your furnaces. Excellent refractory materials, products and systems are our strengths.
We supply dry vibration monolithics, dense and insulating monolithic castables, ramming mixes. These products are used extensively with outstanding success in electrical induction channel and coreless furnaces, ladles and launders in ferrous and non-ferrous foundries. These materials have been designed for cost-effective use in furnace bodies and inductors, as well as spout ladles, launders, throats and tundishes.
We offer the complete product range to run coreless furnace as well as channel furnaces used for different ferrous and non-ferrous melts.
Our recent fast firing mix development (Norfast®) and selfow materials (Norflow®) help reducing downtime, facilitation of installation and deinstallation and increased security in running your operations.
For more information contact: http://www.refractories.saint-gobain.com